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This site is a collection of all Estonian and Estonia-based indie game developers. Feel free to add your own teams!

Dark Square Games

Dark Square Games develops minimalistic iOS apps and games.


A small company ran by two brothers who develop both free and commercial narrative focused PC games.

Fortress Occident

A studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Working on a video game titled “No Truce With The Furies”. It’s an isometric role playing game with a heavy focus on narrative.


The PlayWin platform consists of an SDK or API for developers and the PlayWin HQ app for gamers. Developers integrate directly into their existing product, giving gamers the opportunity to challenge their friends and win real money. Gamers use the PlayWin HQ app to easily finds PlayWin enabled games on their platform of choice.

Veskisoft OÜ

A small company based in Elva, Estonia. Working mostly on websites but also games. Headed by Gavin Mills

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